Salsa is the quintessence of Cubanness, the spirit of a nation that lives to enjoy the pleasures of life, the sensuality of a people, a country that moves to the rhythm of music. We teach from the ABC of dance to the subtlety of a professional who lives and breathes for it.

Our salsa school provides the student with the tools to understand and assimilate the Cuban style of salsa dancing, from our peculiar casino style, which is the most original for dancing in Cuba, to all dance genres, which nourish and make up the dancer’s arsenal. Cuban, from the afro, the rumba, the danzón, the son, the cha cha chá, among others, that make up our rich historical dance reserve, reaching the current influences of other styles of salsa dancing, such as LA, Colombian, New York and others, as well as the prevailing foreign trends such as hip-hop, reggaeton and kizomba that merge into new ways of assuming dance.

In summary, salsa will help you to mix, to live and feel Cuban, which is not a nationality, nor a place on earth, it is the spiritual form of a people, the heart of a nation that beats to the rhythm of this music, which he lives in a time of sauce, he puts sauce on what he eats, extols the most important human values ​​in life… optimism and love.