Despelote Class

The “Despelote”, as the word indicates, is the total rupture of the rules and order within the dance. This style arose before the new tendencies of the salsa music, especially the timba, where the new sounds and an accelerated rhythm forced the dancer to find formulas to address this. It was born in the public dances, in the agglomeration of dancers and dancers restricted by the space of these places. All the energy of the music is expressed by the body of the dancer going to the most unimaginable forms of expression of the human body, all with a control of the dance codes, which are broken and are recomposed during their execution.
The class focuses on teaching the deconstruction of this style, its particularities, movements and most used styles, during its execution. It teaches to channel and express through the dance the spirit and the feelings of the dancer, integrating them in the dance, this style being one of the most personalized and free of the Cuban dance.
It is to integrate the experiences, the knowledge, the emotions of the moment of life, etc., and this is reflected in the dance; through him people express themselves and project what they feel.
Despelote in couple: It is the integration of the movements of the impersonation in the dance of couple.

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