Afro-Cubans Dances

Why is knowledge of Afro-Cuban dances important for a Cuban salsa dancer or dancer who wants to achieve a high level of dance?

The origin of this dance comes mostly from the Lucumí peoples of the Yoruba culture and from the Bantú and Carabalí culture where the rest of them come from. All have a religious root, is characterized by a pantomime, strong movements, sudden gestures, in some cases are difficult to execute in terms of control of the arms and torso, requires a great work of feet, along with erotic movements, pelvis and waist, it is an awakening of the magical forces and of the sky. The Afro-Cuban dances are essential to give the body plasticity and fluidity in the movements, they are extremely useful to work in the coordination of the extremities. According to specialists help to show by means of movements the various states of the individual. The so-called Yoruba technique is the best among all the dances to refine the rhythm, sharpen the ear and develop the imagination of the dancer, the dancer receives the expressive and psychological elements of these dances and transfers them to his professional field and to the validity of his movements adapting them to the rhythm of these musics. It is one of the most spectacular and striking dances of the Cuban dances.

The Afro-Cuban dances are liturgical dances with a strong animistic sense full of energy, naturalness, with a strong theatrical component. It contributes to the integral formation of the dancer, increases his professional level equipping him with tools of great value for his development.

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