Salsa School in Havana

Salsa School in Havana


Cuba is a country of sensual people that moves to the rythm of music. Salsa, is the quintessence of Cubanness, the spirit of a nation that lives for the enjoyment of the pleasures of life.

We take pride both in teaching this dance to absolute beginners and in helping professionals polish their technique. Our bespoke teaching method provides students with the means to assimilate steps and movements quickly. While we specialise in casino-style salsa, our teachers are proficient in most international variations, including LA, New York, and Colombian.

At Marisuri’s Dance School students can also learn the traditional dances from which salsa evolved (son, rumba, danzon, cha cha cha, and mambo), as well as bachata, reggaeton, hip hop, and kizomba.

We love salsa and we love teaching, and through our professionalism and enthusiasm we will help you feel and live like a Cuban. This is not a nationality, but the spiritual form of a people born in a country that breaths to the rythm of music, lives in salsa time, behaves according to the values that this dance represents: optimism and love.

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